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Segula Technologies is an engineering group with a global presence, helping boost competitiveness within all of the major industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, naval, life sciences.

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A single passion, multiple sectors
Engineering for evolving industries
Can you imagine a world without trucks? We can’t! Let’s think about industries like transportation, construction, army, fire brigade etc. Actually, you can spot them in the city, in the countryside, on the highway and on the construction site. They are everywhere! And a lot of them were produced with our contribution.

The variety of applications and requirements poses many challenges to truck manufacturers.
Segula Technologies supports them in the design and production phase. Our engineers cooperate with various customer departments to develop a safe, robust and innovative product.
Every day we are present in manufacturing plants during the production process.
However, the greatest satisfaction in our work comes from seeing the effects of completed projects on the streets.

Segula Technologies for years specializes in areas such as electrics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and change administration, related to design of light, medium and heavy trucks.
We successfully introduce complex design solutions according to all the requirements of customers.
We can’t wait to take the next step of our journey in the world of trucks. In the near future, we face a huge technological challenge. We become a part of the most exciting transformation in the automotive industry – entering the era of electromobility!
Global demand for transport is growing fast. Given present trends, passenger and freight activity will more than double by 2050. The industry is on the verge of an exciting new era of innovation.

SEGULA Technologies' expert teams support manufacturers and suppliers in making rail more attractive for passengers . In the areas of rolling stock development and industrialisation, we take on complex projects and develop high-quality solutions that meets the latest safety, health and environmental standards and have a positive impact on our customer’s eco-balance. We cover the entire product development and life cycle - from design, simulation, through testing, validation, homologation and commissioning. Our agile and customer-oriented structures enable companies and suppliers to benefit from our innovations.

We create attractive and efficient exterior designs and interiors for new and existing vehicle fleets. In this way, we increase the attractiveness of travelling by metro, tram, suburban and regional railway or long-distance train as well as the passenger comfort – and all this while maintaining the highest safety standards. In addition, our solutions increase capacity utilisation.
Our work at the forefront of the industry has seen us involved in the creation of projects that have transformed cities and communities across the world and it is this ethos that has led us to believe that we can develop a rail industry that is ready to meet tomorrow’s expectations.
Product design, process design and operation support.
Automotive Test, Validation & Data Acquisition Center
In a world where cars are essential to most people's daily life, autonomous technology development has inevitably become a vital component of the automotive future. With an increasing number of vehicles featuring advanced systems that allow for autonomous driving, fresh challenges and possibilities arise. In this rapidly changing context, the ADAS division at Segula Technologies leads the way in innovation, providing comprehensive services to the automotive sector.
We specialise in testing prototype cars and gathering data to support the development of autonomous vehicles. Our team of experienced drivers carries out activities to acquire data for clients in a variety of road conditions and scenarios. Our focus is on a precise approach to the activities we have been entrusted with, providing clients with valuable information that supports constant improvement of autonomous vehicles. This information is then passed on to clients who use it to improve the control algorithms of autonomous vehicles and to increase the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicles.
A focused approach to testing and data collection is an indispensable part of the autonomous vehicle development ecosystem. Our work is based on meticulousness, reliability and a willingness to provide key information to support clients in creating the future of the automotive sector. With our extensive experience in the field of prototype car testing and data acquisition for autonomous vehicles and the use of the latest technology, we take a comprehensive approach to meeting client needs in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. We base our work on innovation and are committed to improvement to tackle future automotive challenges.
We are the heart of innovations

Funded Projects for Innovation:

• R&D and innovation project financing identification
• Partner search with Segula International involvement
• Support for call for tenders
• Engineering and ICT expertise
• PON, POR, H2020, ECSEL, FESR, …


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